Meet Christa, The Girl with the Long Last Name

Christa (Wojo) Wojciechowski is the author of The Wrong David, The Sick Series, and is working on a series called The Sculptor of New Hope. Her characters explore existential turmoil, mental illness, and the complexity of romantic love. She uses her stories to compare the dark, carnal nature of humanity with its higher qualities of creative expression and intellectualism.

Christa currently resides in Panama with her husband and a house full of pets. She works as a freelance digital marketer and loves to help fellow authors build their brands and platforms. Christa enjoys foreign movies, yoga, wine, and the outdoors. Most of all, she’s passionate about books and writers and loves discussing them on social media. Be sure to find her on blog christawojo.com, Twitter @christawojo, and Facebook /WebbellaChrista.


Note On Life and Writing

I always knew I was supposed to become a writer, but I grew up in a small, boring town in an unusually normal, happy family.

This gave me very little material to work with.

As I approached my teenage years, I made an informal vow that I would seek adventures and mayhem to fill my future books. Like the manifestations New Age gurus talk about, these vague fantasies became real. Adventure found me over and over again.

My experiments weren’t always positive and often times they were life-threatening, but now I have many stories to tell. Unfortunately, publishing most of my true-life experiences would shock my family and shame my in-laws, so until everyone dies off, I’ll be writing fiction.

I learn more everyday about the craft of writing.

My goal is to someday create a book that meets my expectations.






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