Sick Part I

“An intelligent, slow burn of psychological horror writing at its best.” 

– Carrie Green, author of Roses are Red


Sick Part II

“Christa Wojciechowski does a masterful job of creating disturbed characters that are remarkably human.”

Jeremy Dyson, author of Rise of the Dead


Sick Part III

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The Latest

Talking about Sick, Mental Illness, and Book Marketing with @MoreStorgy

Storgy is a high-caliber literary site, lovingly edited by a staff of creatives who are passionate about art, film, and books. I can’t tell you how honored I am to be featured on Storgy among so many talented writers. I’m looking forward to having Storgy on the blog soon. In the meantime, check out my interview today.

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FREE Book Publicity Guide for Authors

Hello all. A few months ago on Twitter, I posted a poll asking authors what their biggest challenge was in marketing their books. The most popular answer was "how to stand out from the crowd." As a self-published author who helps other indie authors, I know how...

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New #AmWriting Contest!

Do you have what it takes to sum up a story and hook a reader in ONE LINE? Check out Shonda Brock's latest writing contest for a chance to win $50 and publicity on her platform.

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Guess Who’s On Board!

I know my blog has sucked lately. You're all very nice about it, but it's true. And the third part of SICK is two months past my planned publication date. No writing, no revising, no blogging. The reason why I'm so busy is problem I'm very blessed to have. I have more...

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A good story doesn't necessarily need words.

[youtube] I'm obsessed with Son Lux and all their side projects lately. They also have phenomenal videos. Make sure you watch this one till the end. There's a twist in the tale. What did you think of this...

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